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Emotions are what often hold teams back.  

As an experienced facilitator Peter is able to run offsite (or virtual) meetings as a neutral outsider. He is able to see patterns, challenge entrenched beliefs and name the apparently unnameable in order to draw out fresh thinking and agreed ways forward. Peter's facilitation is all about making things easy for teams to move forward.

Before any facilitation session Peter will work with the senior team to understand desired outcomes and any prior history. This is important preparation in order to ensure that  the sessions delivered are engaging and valuable for both the organisation and the participants. 

Peer Groups 

Facilitated Peers Groups are a powerful format for learning, development and training. Using proven models such as the ToGROW model Peter is experienced in establishing and facilitating peer groups as a component of  start-up accelerators, helping founders learn from each other.


With more established business Peter has facilitated Director Peer Groups, bringing together the CEO's of growing businesses to learn and share their experiences, in a safe and confidential environment.

 strategy development 

Using a neutral external facilitator can be a great way of helping teams develop new strategies. Examples of strategy facilitation sessions include:

  • Developing strategies for enhancing customer services

  • Helping a team with improving interpersonal relationships

  • Innovation Ideation for new products and services 

Let's Work Together

If you are interested in discussing coaching, facilitation or team development in, or for your organisation please contact me directly.


I look forward to hearing from you

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