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Coaching, Facilitation
& Team Development.

An experienced coach and accredited Belbin Team Roles practitioner. Peter has worked with hundreds of business leaders, entrepreneurs and organisations of all shapes and sizes. He is currently working as a coach on leading accelerator programmes in the London university tech start-up eco-system whilst also helping deliver large SME accelerator programmes.  

Photograph of Peter Haycocks coaching a client.
About Me


Peter works with organisations including universities and business support providers to deliver effective coaching and facilitation. This work is focussed on helping start-up's and high growth SME's  flourish.


Effective leadership and high performing teams are critical to any organisations success. Peter works with organisations to develop their leaders & teams using tailored packages of executive coaching & training including the use of Belbin Team Roles. 


"Effective coaching is about unlocking a person’s potential, to maximise their performance. Coaching has the capacity to transform any organisation, from start-ups through to large corporates." 

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